PR Professionals discuss the biggest risk in social media

Continuing our 3 part series, this time we’re looking at risk. You can view part 1 here if you missed it.

What do you perceive to be the biggest risk in social media?

At a recent CIPR conference entitled ‘Reputautions in Flames: The risks from online’ we had the opportunity to ask delegates this very simple question.

For the majority the biggest risk in social media is the lack of control, over both message and activity. Companies with multiple accounts will find this an issue especially where accounts grew organically and are only now subject to guidelines and implementation into an overall strategy.

I’m not surprised that control of social media activity is a big issue for PRs, clients have come to us with horror stories where account managers have moved onto competitors with account details and passwords, renaming Facebook pages and instantly transferring the ‘friends’ that the incumbent worked hard to engage with.

Not having the resources to plan, implement or monitor activity is also seen as a risk. PRs know they can’t simply pay lip service to social media and having the people in place to truly consider a strategy that fits is key to integrating social media activity into a business’s marketing and PR agenda.

Finally “not listening to your customers and not embracing feedback” is a risk but, as Asda’s Dominic Burch pointed out, this could become a huge opportunity if the team is ready and able.

More on the opportunities of social media next time.

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