What a load of old policy!

As social media is such a new space then policies range from a single e-mail, which just tells everyone to “Resist from doing anything on social media until the Directors have given the green light” to very complex legal documents that baffle all, but trained lawyers.

It is a minefield and as the world of social media is moving so quickly then the document that you produced last week will be out-off date just after it has been printed.

I found this about how the Team at the Beijing Olympics handled their own social media policy- Click  Here for IOC Blogging Guidelines for Persons Accredited at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008

Pretty formal (I think that explains a lot about the IOC) and does cover off all types of behavior. The thing about social media is that change happens so quickly and is all based around the business, the capabilities of the employees (involved in social media) and the sorts of situations that employees might find themself commenting on or responding too.

Therefore…..social media policy/ guidelines should be scenario based meaning that employees can quickly check on their internal “Wiki” to see how a situation needs to be handled. Hmmm may be an additional feature coming soon on CrowdControlHQ.

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One Response to What a load of old policy!

  1. Sean Wilkes says:

    Discussing Wiki approach with one of our Social Media Champions. Has benefit of opening up discussion to wider mass, which helps, but wikis rarely promote a consensus view, as there are usually only a few willing to actually write. So those who are most motivated by their own agenda end up shaping the view. Maybe a cynical view, but a reality in most corporates, which is the kind of audience that is going to be most bothered about observing staff behaviour on blogs / social media.

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