Luminar- Excelling in Social Media

It is great to get feedback from work that you do, but it is even better when they agree to write a case study. Things like this seem to make the job all worthwhile!

Luminar is in the destination entertainment business, with a wide variety of venues that include Oceana. The social media explosion has allowed Luminar to interact with their customer base at a local level using Twitter and Facebook. However with localisation came fragmentation as managers’ understanding and experience with social media varied.  Luminar wanted to bring the expertise back into a centralised system that educated, showcased best practice and managed key corporate messages in a consistent way, while still encouraging localised interaction that fitted with each audience.

One of the biggest challenges was security- Accounts and passwords were being managed locally and the risk here was the possibility of a disgruntled ex-employee running riot with the company’s accounts.  This type of brand reputation risk is new to most Boards but Luminar took it seriously and backed the implementation of CrowdControlHQ – a social media management tool – which put ALL the organisation’s social media accounts back under the control of the group marketing team.

In additional to managing the risks, Luminar are now able to co-ordinate marketing and communications activity across multiple accounts.  As well as allocating messages and tasks to teams managing their brands and venues, the tool also allows local flavour to top down promotions such as third party sponsorship.  One competition to win tickets to a festival saw the same take up in two hours via social media that had previously taken two weeks using more traditional methods.

Luminar have been approached by 3rd party sponsors because of the way they use social media and nail national campaigns for them.

“With the level of understanding and quality of communications increasing we can only see success ahead with social media taking its place as a valuable addition to our marketing methodology.  CrowdControlHQ has given us that confidence.”Mark Noonan, Marketing & Ecommerce Director- Luminar

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