The localisation of social media

Social media is perfect for multi-site retailers. I always get excited when I speak to these organisations because social media allows for very local engagement- This has worked for organisations such as Wholefoods in a spectacular way. The proof is in the pudding and sales are on the up.

Many retailers or multi-site organisations have already set up social media accounts to match their physical locations. Some were set up by employees and others set up by the central head office team. I hope that it is the later otherwise you will need to read the series on the risks of social media and start taking action soon.

One of the reasons to go to a retailer is for advice and a personal shopping experience. If a consumer just wants the product then it is so easy to make that purchase online, save time, effort and in many cases money.

Social media allows for local engagement- the opportunity to develop a personal relationship, meaning that promotions, demonstrations, shows, talks and advice can be tailored to the local audience. Make the users feel special and they will keep coming back. Use offers or demonstrations to draw people into the stores.

Of course this opportunity does require  managing and with multiple locations and each location having a couple of social media accounts this can be a headache which puts off a lot of companies. Well this can be managed and this was the reason why CrowdControlHQ was developed. Look out for the white paper on our website coming soon.

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