Taking responsibility for your Facebook Pages

Managing the risks of social media- Part Three 


You are responsible for what goes on your Facebook page

Part three of our series on the risks of social media we look at who is responsible for the posts on your Facebook Page (s). As Facebook is open it is can therefore be open to abuse and so posts do need to be moderated.

Board members at a number of PLC’s and mid-sized organisations were unaware of who was responsible for moderating their Facebook Pages. Many assumed it was the responsibility of their staff, whereas some thought it was their agency, but no one was 100% sure.

What happens if a pornographic image or an abusive comment appears on your Facebook wall? What is the impact on the brand? I suppose that depends on how many people have seen it before it is removed and how offensive it was?

Marketing directors need to be able to sleep easy at night knowing that they are protected-

Remember, it is your brand reputation on the line

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