What happens if social media goes wrong?

Managing the risks of social media- Part Two

If it all goes horribly wrong where is the audit trail?

In part two of our series on the risks of social media we look at what happens when it goes wrong. We spoke to the same board members at a number of PLC’s and mid-sized organisations and we found that the sharing of passwords was rife amongst almost all firms, especially on Twitter.

If one of your employees goes off the rails then they can do immeasurable damage to your brand and you will never know who it was.

Remember at school when the headmistress lines everyone up outside her office and she asks the question- “No one is leaving until the person responsible owns up”? At that point you know that the Headmistress doesn’t know who is to blame for breaking the window and so the guilty person just needs to hang tight.

The same is true in the corporate sense. The marketing director will ask the same question as the headmistress, but the consequences are much more severe and so employees are even less likely to own up!

You need that audit trail to make sure that every employee is accountable for their social media actions. CrowdControlHQ does give you that accountability via the audit trail.
Knowing who said what and when enables you to ask the question why.

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