The personalisation of Social Media

Social media is an extremely personal type of engagement and interaction; it is two-way and requires an investment (time and effort) from both parties.

Relationships don’t tend to last very long if it is one way with one party being 100% committed and the other seeming to  be “going through the motions”. We see too many examples of organisations just sending out messages on Twitter that are broadcasting facts and information with no purpose or incentives and especially not listening to any comments from users. I don’t want to teach grandmother to suck eggs, but this is almost the same as sending out Direct Mail or mass e-mails to people.

Relationships have to be two-way and this can be achieved by asking questions – what is the audience doing? What do they want? Listening is a key part of social media and can provide a huge amount of insight into how consumers are feeling about a brand, what they love about it, and  where they think a brand can improve. Taking this on board can go a long way towards improving online perception, and turning many of those unsure consumers into supporters.

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