Living in a conversation economy

I was involved in a social media pitch yesterday where we were brought in to demo CrowdControlHQ by an agency as the agency wanted to deploy the strategy using CrowdControlHQ.
The client in question is a multi-site retail operator that seeks to co-ordinate social media activity and control access across their entire operation. This would involved enabling all their local employees to be engaging in social media

Listing to the pitch there were some absolute gems, which have stuck with me-

“Living in a conversation economy”- I thought that this was superb as really highlighted the importance of social media as a business tool to either drive against revenue targets and/ or to be able to cut some of their advertising spend. It also showed the importance of conversation in today’s advertising world.

“Moving to a world of honesty”- This wasn’t put quite so politely! Businesses now have to closely align their messages of what they can deliver (features/ benefits etc..) with the truth as the consumer will find out and then the whole world will find out!

I feel truly honored to be involved in some great pitches with great clients and great agencies. Happy to talk about my experiences, but of course no names!!

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One Response to Living in a conversation economy

  1. The ‘Conversation economy’ idea is generally credited to a BusnessWeek columnist:

    David Armano

    And his seminal article called:
    “It’s the Conversation Economy, Stupid”



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